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    white chocolate

Food Percentage of DRI per 100 grams



White chocolate consists of the same ingredients as conventional chocolate, minus the cacao powder.



Processed white chocolate doesn´t compare to raw white chocolate. Not only does the processed version contain ingredients from the dairy industry as well as processed sugar and artificial flavors. But also the cacao butter that is used is usually processed. 


Making your own is a way to ensure the quality. Using raw cacao butter made with raw and unprocessed beans is a great way to keep the cost down and to ensure the ingredients are of the highest quality. 


The main ingredient is cacao butter and sweetener. Since we want the chocolate to have a bright white color it is important not to use a dark colored sweetener. If you use Erythritol or xylitol, this would be the occasion, but make sure it is very finely powdered. Honey is another alternative. You can also add things like coconut milk powderm, cashews and vanilla. 



The first white chocolate bar made its debut in the 1930s. Like many other brilliant inventions, white chocolate was the result of an accident. At the time, Nestlé was manufacturing Nestrovit, a milk powder that was enriched with minerals and vitamins.

In an attempt to create their milk in the form of a solid bar, Nestlé mixed the enriched milk powder with cocoa butter. The outcome of this experiment was white chocolate. The inventors quickly realised how delicious white chocolate tasted and Milkybar arrived on the market in 1936.