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Alchemy Space

The Alchemy Academy is located just a few minutes from the heart of Ubud and yet there is an incredible sense of being surrounded by jungle and gardens. The building was designed by Heinz Paul-Kaupp using the concepts of sacred geometry. Many people describe a sense of serinity and peacefulness when the arrive in the Alchemy Academy space

According to Paul-Kaupp "The Flower Of Life supports the healing process, and guarantees harmony in architecture and design. Starting from the first idea of creating buildings that are helpful for your wellbeing and health, the designs I create have been developed to be your ‘third skin’ (clothes are the ‘second skin’). My main goal is definitely designs that create harmony."

For Shanti the Alchemy Academy Founder this was a critical part of the design process for creating a space of transformation and awakening.

The Main building at alchemy is surrounded by jungle, and at the bottom of the property there is a tranquill stream. There is a natural chlorine free pool which is filtered by using volcanic rock. While this is energy intensive and a lot more effort than having a traditional pool its completely worth it to know you are swimming in toxin free water. As Shanti describes it, the whole idea of having a raw plant based diet is to detoxify the blood, having a clorinated pool would be completely contrary to what we are trying to achive here.

Every detail has been considered, the spacing and location of the workstations is directly in the center of the main space, there is a constant airflow through the building which gives the space a cool feeling without using any fans or other cooling systems. On the main floor there are enough spaces for 12 workstations for the Raw Plant based Chef Certification courses.

Upstairs is the yoga and chill space. Again with a very open building design using the flower of life design system there is amazing airflow. In shivasana you can litterally feel your body merging with the sounds of the jungle. It really is an experience not to be missed.