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Welcome to The Raw Alchemist LEVEL 1 Chef Certification Alchemy Academy

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LEVEL 1 Plant Based Chef Certification 

Time: 8am - 5 pm. Monday to Friday. 

Location: Alchemy Academy in Singakerta, Ubud, Bali (approximately 3 kilometers from Alchemy Restaurant)

Maximum participants: 12 (we limit the number to ensure that each student gets proper attention and time with the teacher and that each student gets their own student station). 



  • Product knowledge
  • Behind the scenes: Alchemy kitchen
  • Culinary knife skills & equipment practice
  • Soaking and sprouting nuts and seeds
  • Raw Bread & crackers
  • Nut and seed milks and cream
  • Salads and dressings 
  • Coconut bacon
  • Dehydration 101
  • Aged cheese
  • Kombucha & Coconut Kefir
  • Green chips & wild chips
  • Cultured and fermented foods 
  • Superfoods, Super Herbs, Medicinal Tonics
  • Desserts 
  • Amazing Secret Chocolate & Best Raw Caramel  
  • Intro to Chocolate Tempering
  • Conscious Business
  • Manifesting and goal setting
  • Meditation
  • Grounding
  • Life-changing experience

In this substantial course you will get inspiration and tools to improve your home un-cooking, as well as confidence to start a business in the area of health and food. A certificate from us will also be very useful if you are looking for employment within the field of raw food/health or nutrition. No experience is required, this is a beginners course. The curriculum is intense, but also includes space for mindfulness, meditation and creativity. 

Our school facility features a state-of-the-art kitchen, with gorgeous green jungle surroundings and practical, well equipped student stations. 

Breakfast and lunch is included in the course, and sometimes dinner.

Field trips include behind-the-scenes of Alchemy kitchen, cooking class at Moksa restaurant and field walk to holy water spring. The cost of field trips and restaurant visits are included in the course price. 

Example of the course schedule:

8:30 - 9:30 am          Yoga/Meditation/Breathwork 

9:30am-10:00am       Breakfast

10:00am-10:30am     Raw food demo

10.30am – 12:30pm   Hands-on un-cooking class

12:30pm-2:00pm       Lunch

2:00pm-3:00 pm        Speaker/lecture/movie

3:00 pm -3.30 pm      Raw food demo

3:30pm-5:00pm         Hands on un-cooking class