Welcome to Healing Detox Retreat Alchemy Academy

The Raw Alchemist


Location: Alchemy Academy in Singakerta, Ubud, Bali, Indonesia (approximately 3 kilometers from Alchemy Restaurant) https://goo.gl/maps/Gcp1DDryLjy


Maximum participants: 12

 Price: $ 2,200 USD 


Airport pick-up and return

Accommodation with A/C and swimmingpool

Life changing food 

Living spring water

Superfoods, Super Herbs, Medicinal Tonics and Supplements

Inspirational talks





Alchemy of Breath


Cooking classes (easy detox recipes, meal planning)

Mindful eating

Manifesting and Abundance

Field trips

Nature walks


When done wrong, raw food can be difficult to digest and not as healthy as one would think. Join our EAT TO HEAL plant based food retreat program to experience how life changing raw food can be when guided the optimal way. Surrounded by fads, advertisements, peer pressure and health care industry advice, it is not always easy to know what your body is crying out for. Welcome to your own space and time to tune out of that noise.


Inspired by Anthony Williams and the Medical Medium protocol, during these 9 days you will be offered an abundance of whole, raw fruits, vegetables, herbs and spices while emphasis is to limit intake of fats. That means no nuts, seeds or oils. Even fat fruit such as avocados are kept to at minimum. This is because fats thicken the blood and slows down the detox process. 


Fruits and vegetables in their raw form contain the highest level of nutrition of any foods, in the form most readily available to your body. When you consume these nutrients in such a high quantity, you’ll flood your body with the building blocks it craves. Our menu is not about food depravation or going hungry in any way – it’s about abundance. Nourishing ourselves on a cellular level with an abundance of vibrant, fresh and delicious plant based meals. 





-              Improved digestive health 

Enzymes from raw fruits and vegetables, as well as mineral salts from celery juice will regenerate your hydrochloric acid and give your digestive system a reset – so you can come back to cooked food with digestive vigor (if you choose to) afterwards.  

-              Hydration

When you are properly hydrated, your body is able to rid the liver, kidneys, and other parts of the body of unwanted toxins and poisons. 

-              Weightloss

This cleansing protocol helps to clean up and detoxify the liver, and a sluggish, toxic liver is behind mystery weight gain

-              Lowers inflammation 

This way of eating starves the unproductive bacteria and viruses that are behind inflammation.

-              Clear skinThe mineral salts in celery juice break down the cell membranes of pathogens and bacteria, including streptococcus in the liver and lymphatic system which is the true cause of acne and other skin issues. 

-              Increased Energy

Each strawberry, each salad leaf, holds a living vibration. When you consume it, you assimilate that energy. 

-              Deep Healing

When you support your body it has the ability to rejuvenate and restore from the most extreme conditions and diseases. Contrary to what you might have been told, eating restorative food - and eliminating foods that cause destruction - is the most critical aspect of healing any health condition. 

-              Improved habits for life. 

When you come out on the other side of this 9-day cleanse, foods that you know are detrimental most likely won’t hold the same sway they once did. 


Example of the retreat schedule:


‪Upon waking:                        lemon water 

8:00 - 9:00 am                      Celery juice & Yoga

‪9:am-10:00am                     Breakfast: fruits, smoothies, superfoods

‪10:00am-11:00am            Inspirational talk/sharing


‪12:30pm-2:00pm              Lunch

‪2:00pm-3:00 pm                Free time/treatment

3:00                                            Hydrating beverage

‪3:30pm-5:00pm                 Cooking class/field trip/nature walk/grounding

6 pm                                           Dinner

8pm                                            Herbal tea

Alchemy Academy
Kecamatan Ubud,
Kabupaten Gianyar,
Bali 80571
email: hello@alchemyacademybali.com
ph:+62 81936044056